Shield Window Decal 8" by 9" Accessories Next Levels LLC

Shield Window Decal 8" by 9"

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This is a window decal perfect for the Outside. This product is made of digitally printed vinyl and is sure to resist the wear and tear of the elements

Installation Instructions

Wet Installation Method

  1. Create a Soap and Water solution by adding a cup of tap water and a few drops of soap to a spray bottle
  2. Lift half of the sticker and lightly spray the adhesive, making sure to completely cover the adhesive. Place the half back onto the backing paper and repeat to the other half.
  3. Lightly spray the application surface with the soap and water solution. 
  4. Once both the application surface and the adhesive are covered with the soap solution, you can peel the sticker from the backing and position onto the application surface. 
  5. As long as the surfaces are wet, you will be able to remove and reposition the decal.
  6. Starting from the middle, SLOWLY squeegee out air bubbles.
  7. Let dry for at least 3 hours before touching the vinyl.